Friday, September 25, 2015


twelve tips for gaining persuasiveness:

  • Connect well with people - Develop rapport.  Develop a capability for comfortable conversation with all kinds of people.
  • Discover and use other people's preferred means of communication - Every person has preferred styles of communicating.  Figure out what they are and use them, or at least learn to be compatible with them.
  • Make a good impression - Exercise, groom yourself and carry yourself with a confident posture.  It goes a long way.  Making yourself look better will also make you feel better, so that you can radiate that confidence that you require to generate persuasiveness.
  • Sell the need - Communicate clearly, figure out exactly what is needed and sell the improvement.  Finding solid solutions is an excellent way to gain authority.
  • Develop emotional intelligence - Managing your emotions wisely is a sign of great maturity.  Understanding that the ocean of emotion that exists within us all is generally a distraction from maintaining a sense of well-being around you is a step towards that greater consciousness which protects us all.
  • Do that dance - Brute force algorithms may be more effective in some situations, but collaborative efforts often require compromises and flexibility in goals.
  • Be curious and inquisitive - Care about what other people are thinking.  Asking that perfect insightful question is often a great way to gain access to a person's intimate confidences.
  • Display confidence - The more that you show confidence, the more confidence you feel, the more you generate.  It's a vicious cycle.  Control it.
  • Inspire others - Bring that creative energy into everything.  Share it with people.  Make it available to them.
  • Learn names and details about others - Caring about people always shows.  It also can inspire others to work harder towards your goals.
  • Be authentic - Don't try to fake anything.  Be true.  Be honest.  Do what you say and say what you mean.  Except for confidence, fake that if you have to.
  • Learn to tell a story - Telling a story, and keeping people's attention, is a skill, and it's an important one.  Learn it.
Lots of stuff to study there.  Lots of exercises.

Also, I was inspired today by a video infomercial about a weight training video set, called body beast by Sagi Kalev.  Very cool.  Very motivating.  I am definitely looking forward to participating in that program.  He uses progressive training techniques to work the different types of muscle tissue and includes all kinds of other information.

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