Saturday, September 26, 2015


A story about a boy and a tree.  Or maybe, just a story about trees.  Maybe there's a tree and there is no story.  Maybe it's just a tree.  Anyway, it's a book about trees and the industrial processes involved with farming trees in a semi-arid environment. 

Included is all the secret, ninja type informations about growing trees in the desert, with a goal of turning the desert into a rainforest.  Cost estimations, charts, diagrams, cost analysis, etc.  It's a essentially business plan, as an added benefit, the processes and systems which are included are specifically designed to be beneficial to the environment.

Possible Chapters:
  • Plants
  • Markets (existing and developing)
  • Biomass Energy Production
  • Gasification and it's by-products
  • Perfect Compost (El Dorado)
  • Livestock Production
  • Organic Fertilizer
  • Mineral Fertilizer
  • Irrigation
  • Modern Agricultural Technology
  • Pest control
  • Propagation
  • Genetic Diversity
  • Carbon Credit Markets
  • Existing Arid Land (AL) and Ecologically Compromised Land (ECL) Reclamation Projects
  • The Rainforest Dream


The future is a dark and scary place.  No one knows what will happen there.  It doesn't exist, but if you're not looking, it can slap you in the face pretty quick.  Somehow, in the future, our planet is going to contain 9 billion people.  That's a lot of folks.

You may not realize this, but your entire lifetime is at the far right hand side of that chart, up at that peak.  Somehow there will exist on our planet, an ever-increasing number of people that require food and water.  In order to feed and care for all those people, we need to do something differently with our resources.

Other parts of the world are already making the change.  It is an amazing thing to behold.

This book is about how we can care for more of the world's population and make a handsome profit in the deal.  Generating value is about finding a need, and meeting it with available resources at the lowest possible cost.  Any difference between the cost of the production and the final value is called, "Profit", and it is the motivating force behind what we call, "Business".

In order to address the needs of populations of people more precisely, we will first need to define a few terms.  These terms will help you to understand, in a more structurally complete manner, how we can manage our resources to produce a planet which is not only habitable, but also comfortable, for however many people are alive, and wherever they live.


  • Timespace - A quantity of space for a specific period of time.
  • Energy cost - How much energy is required to perform or produce a specific product.
  • Economic cost - Economic resources that are consumed by a product's production.
  • Monetary cost -  Actual currency cost, mostly associated with end customers.
  • Generated Value - Net increase in value
  • Purchased Value - Value as differentiated from value received. 
  • Beneficial Bacteria - Bacteria that are common among healthy populations of people who farm by hand.
  • Rhizosphere - The area of the soil that is penetrated by roots, and which contain a plethora of biological activity.
  • Soil Health - The ability of a soil to resist soil-borne pathogenic biological activity.
  • Carbon Debt - An estimate of the quantity of carbon dioxide that is currently in our atmosphere, above the quantity before the Industrialization age.  
Possible Chapters:
  • 3 trillion trees - How and why I intend to be involved with the planting of 3 trillion trees during my lifetime.
  • Where's the Carbon? - Evaluating the current situation with measurable carbon dioxide in our environment as compared with pre-industrial levels.  We also take a look at various fluctuations in atmospheric gasses as they occurred since earth first achieved 'an environment' with 'carbon based life-forms'.
  • Manufacturing Rainforests - What kinds of roadblocks and hurdles would need to be covered before we could design and build a rainforest to replace the millions of acres of rainforest that have been destroyed, and where it could be accomplished.  Also addressed are possible ways that it could possibly be a commercially profitable venture.
  • 10 Most Wanted - A look at the current 10 most environmentally destructive products on the earth right now and what we as individuals and organizations can do about it. (Muriate of Potash, Polyester fibers, etc.)
  • The Literati - What it is and why you should care.
  • Edible Algae - Hard numbers about actual operations and why there can never be 'enough' nutritional algae production.
  • Modern Energy - Why there exists, "Unlimited" energy, and how, precisely, it can be achieved while protecting and even building and increasing our environmental resources.
  • El Dorado - How a cup of yogurt could reduce our carbon debt and increase the viability of our croplands to mythological levels.
  • Compounding Damage - How current environmental problems are causing more and more damage and how we can stop it.
  • Exercise is good for the environment - Taking good care of your health is good for everyone.  Eating a balanced diet and staying physically active is important for all of us who care about each other.
  • Arid Farming - As much information as I can find about growing crops for commercial production in arid environments.

  • None yet

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lost in translation

Friday, September 25, 2015


twelve tips for gaining persuasiveness:

  • Connect well with people - Develop rapport.  Develop a capability for comfortable conversation with all kinds of people.
  • Discover and use other people's preferred means of communication - Every person has preferred styles of communicating.  Figure out what they are and use them, or at least learn to be compatible with them.
  • Make a good impression - Exercise, groom yourself and carry yourself with a confident posture.  It goes a long way.  Making yourself look better will also make you feel better, so that you can radiate that confidence that you require to generate persuasiveness.
  • Sell the need - Communicate clearly, figure out exactly what is needed and sell the improvement.  Finding solid solutions is an excellent way to gain authority.
  • Develop emotional intelligence - Managing your emotions wisely is a sign of great maturity.  Understanding that the ocean of emotion that exists within us all is generally a distraction from maintaining a sense of well-being around you is a step towards that greater consciousness which protects us all.
  • Do that dance - Brute force algorithms may be more effective in some situations, but collaborative efforts often require compromises and flexibility in goals.
  • Be curious and inquisitive - Care about what other people are thinking.  Asking that perfect insightful question is often a great way to gain access to a person's intimate confidences.
  • Display confidence - The more that you show confidence, the more confidence you feel, the more you generate.  It's a vicious cycle.  Control it.
  • Inspire others - Bring that creative energy into everything.  Share it with people.  Make it available to them.
  • Learn names and details about others - Caring about people always shows.  It also can inspire others to work harder towards your goals.
  • Be authentic - Don't try to fake anything.  Be true.  Be honest.  Do what you say and say what you mean.  Except for confidence, fake that if you have to.
  • Learn to tell a story - Telling a story, and keeping people's attention, is a skill, and it's an important one.  Learn it.
Lots of stuff to study there.  Lots of exercises.

Also, I was inspired today by a video infomercial about a weight training video set, called body beast by Sagi Kalev.  Very cool.  Very motivating.  I am definitely looking forward to participating in that program.  He uses progressive training techniques to work the different types of muscle tissue and includes all kinds of other information.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

future posts

silverleaf plant propagation
  • yomogi
  • domesticated vs wild goji
  • moringa oleifera
  • sea berry
  • wild strawberry
  • alpine strawberry
  • wild thyme
  • english thyme
  • greek oregano
  • sideritis
  • desert willow
  • closed system irrigation 
  • jiaogulan
  • wormwood

recipes - simple things that use plant based proteins PBP's

fitness - exercises, motivation etc. 

possible subjects

extracted from greatist (mostly)
  • fitness
  • healthy recipes
  • food and nutrition
  • healthy living
  • happiness and wellness
  • health
  • motivation

fitness blog research

What follows is a little gibberish exercise and some research and thoughts about fitness blogging.  

Extemporaneous exuberant, contemptuous vacillations.  Frenzied effectiveness, correctly disenfranchised.  Wealth building, activity factuality.  Linguistic workout diet.  Loosely flatlined forever like a big fat looper.  Health and fitness is good for you.  Thinking about and writing about exercising and having a good diet is medicine for idiotic entrainment activities.

So, the other day, and then and this is what he said.  How many pages of correctly framed, for the big time, excellent.  Scripting is the way of the diversified funding exercises.  Content.  Actual linking.  Pages of content.  Text files.

Platform interface.  Blogging description.  Actual fitness blogs.  Differences between blogs and system sites, comprehensive websites.  interogative systems approaches.  Diversification amplification.  System automation.  

top fitness blogs

  • Fitness
  • Motivation
  • Nutrition
  • Recipes
  • Testimonials
Other Blogs or Pages
  • Motivational Quotes
  • Recipes
  • Posture building exercises
  • Core building exercises
  • Hardcore Circuit Training (or how to beat yourself up and win)
  • adding muscle at any age
  • aerobic vs anaerobic training
  • quick jerk vs slow control
  • The confidence diet
  • Using your imagination to maximize benefit/effect
  • top fitness aps
  • book reviews
  • superfoods
  • protein powder reviews
  • equipment reviews
Stream of conciousness.  Connectedness.   About me, who cares.  Too much to do.  Reviewing current operators and seeing what works, what provides information, what "I like", what catches my attention, Which interfaces encourage participation, encourage absorption of information,

Affiliate schemes

MyProtein, Planet Organic, Simply Supplements and LessBounce affiliate schemes

Top 7 blogging tips from a pro blogger
  • express the passion
  • good photography / a visual theme (consistency)
  • organize and build an efficient workspace
  • focus
  • write professionally
  • engage and network
  • use the social networks (instagram, pinterest, facebook, twitter)
i need a break.  lots of female fitness blogs.  i want a feed with all the titles of all the articles of all of them to peruse.  to kind of get a feel for what they're blogging about and what might be missing.  seems to be most of them are just talking about their current fitness experiences.  conversational kinds of things.  the top blogs are more subject pushing with titles.

this blog is a research space for me.

I'm trying to decide what to make.  planning.  observing.  etc.  I've written a few little posts on super you.  i grow and research exotic plants and many of those plants have specific benefits for athletes.  increasing endurance, balancing metabolism, etc.  They're used in horse diets, and athletes currently use some of them.  The demand is there, but it's unidentified demand.  Current products in market don't address the needs that are present in the market. 

My passion is plants.  I want to have a moringa oleifera farm in America.  I mostly want to grow it for livestock purposes.  There is similar unmet demand in dairy markets.  Anyway.  possibles:

  • fitness blog
  • motivation blog
  • plant / health
Whatever.  I can just keep writing articles for now while I figure some of this other stuff out.  That was such an awesome office.

Welp, I'm fried for now.  got about halfway through all the blogs that I wanted to get done.  Greatist has about 60 more fitness blogs.

Things I need to work on:
  • photography
  • social networking
  • solid concept (s)
  • layout
  • affiliates
  • more content
Things I can be happy about:
  • my back is getting better, because of exercise and diet
  • I have a family and friends that love me
  • I am an important person in some people's lives
  • I have important work to do
  • I am much healthier then I've ever been before
  • my home is getting much cleaner and more organized
  • my daughter is reasonably well-prepared for kindergarten