Friday, October 9, 2015


There are many possibilities for the future.  No one knows what the future will bring.  Someone may invent some single invention that will suddenly turn our world into an idyllic paradise, or everything could collapse after a strange new virus destroys humanity's ability to reason or speak.  The future is always going to be a dark and cloudy place.  This novel is hopefully an educated observation of technology the way it is and and an optimistic (mostly) view of what could take place over the next few decades.

It may be possible that as a world population, we can use our resources efficiently and effectively to sustain the growth and life of human beings for many generations.  It may be possible for our planet to support only 40 billion people, or with intelligent management, it may be possible for our planet to support a hundred times that or more.  There are so many factors, that the more my thoughts get tangled up in the various solutions and their far reaching effects, the more tangled I become as a person, in these esoteric problems and possibilities that we face as a species.

By the time the eighties rolled around, authors had been writing science fiction for several decades and they had an entire area of the local library filled with magazines, compilations of short stories and even 12 or 14 volume sets of science fiction stories.  From fourth grade all the way through till the time I graduated college, I poured over these tomes, reading and rereading them.  I would spend an hour or so studying calculus or developmental psychology or whatever for a class, and then sit til the library closed, reading book after book of L. Ron Hubbard or Isaac Asimov.

I am considering writing a purely science fiction novel, or a book similar to futureshock, written by Alvin Toffler.  Regardless, I am a technology hound.  I built my own search engine to scrape the internet so I could learn about what was going on out there on our networks.  I subscribe to IEEE and other outlets for modern technology in various fields.  I am deeply interested in the activities of the brightest minds and organizations on our planet. 

How close are we to interplanetary or interstellar travel?  What options are there for generating energy or generating food for people and animals?  What concrete knowledge do we have about our environment?  What patterns have we developed and how are they effecting us?  It's a strange way to live and the only reason that I can think of for thinking this way is that there must be a book in my brain, getting written.  Hopefully it will/can help us.

written by: Paul Sober