Thursday, September 3, 2015

fitness blog research

What follows is a little gibberish exercise and some research and thoughts about fitness blogging.  

Extemporaneous exuberant, contemptuous vacillations.  Frenzied effectiveness, correctly disenfranchised.  Wealth building, activity factuality.  Linguistic workout diet.  Loosely flatlined forever like a big fat looper.  Health and fitness is good for you.  Thinking about and writing about exercising and having a good diet is medicine for idiotic entrainment activities.

So, the other day, and then and this is what he said.  How many pages of correctly framed, for the big time, excellent.  Scripting is the way of the diversified funding exercises.  Content.  Actual linking.  Pages of content.  Text files.

Platform interface.  Blogging description.  Actual fitness blogs.  Differences between blogs and system sites, comprehensive websites.  interogative systems approaches.  Diversification amplification.  System automation.  

top fitness blogs

  • Fitness
  • Motivation
  • Nutrition
  • Recipes
  • Testimonials
Other Blogs or Pages
  • Motivational Quotes
  • Recipes
  • Posture building exercises
  • Core building exercises
  • Hardcore Circuit Training (or how to beat yourself up and win)
  • adding muscle at any age
  • aerobic vs anaerobic training
  • quick jerk vs slow control
  • The confidence diet
  • Using your imagination to maximize benefit/effect
  • top fitness aps
  • book reviews
  • superfoods
  • protein powder reviews
  • equipment reviews
Stream of conciousness.  Connectedness.   About me, who cares.  Too much to do.  Reviewing current operators and seeing what works, what provides information, what "I like", what catches my attention, Which interfaces encourage participation, encourage absorption of information,

Affiliate schemes

MyProtein, Planet Organic, Simply Supplements and LessBounce affiliate schemes

Top 7 blogging tips from a pro blogger
  • express the passion
  • good photography / a visual theme (consistency)
  • organize and build an efficient workspace
  • focus
  • write professionally
  • engage and network
  • use the social networks (instagram, pinterest, facebook, twitter)
i need a break.  lots of female fitness blogs.  i want a feed with all the titles of all the articles of all of them to peruse.  to kind of get a feel for what they're blogging about and what might be missing.  seems to be most of them are just talking about their current fitness experiences.  conversational kinds of things.  the top blogs are more subject pushing with titles.

this blog is a research space for me.

I'm trying to decide what to make.  planning.  observing.  etc.  I've written a few little posts on super you.  i grow and research exotic plants and many of those plants have specific benefits for athletes.  increasing endurance, balancing metabolism, etc.  They're used in horse diets, and athletes currently use some of them.  The demand is there, but it's unidentified demand.  Current products in market don't address the needs that are present in the market. 

My passion is plants.  I want to have a moringa oleifera farm in America.  I mostly want to grow it for livestock purposes.  There is similar unmet demand in dairy markets.  Anyway.  possibles:

  • fitness blog
  • motivation blog
  • plant / health
Whatever.  I can just keep writing articles for now while I figure some of this other stuff out.  That was such an awesome office.

Welp, I'm fried for now.  got about halfway through all the blogs that I wanted to get done.  Greatist has about 60 more fitness blogs.

Things I need to work on:
  • photography
  • social networking
  • solid concept (s)
  • layout
  • affiliates
  • more content
Things I can be happy about:
  • my back is getting better, because of exercise and diet
  • I have a family and friends that love me
  • I am an important person in some people's lives
  • I have important work to do
  • I am much healthier then I've ever been before
  • my home is getting much cleaner and more organized
  • my daughter is reasonably well-prepared for kindergarten

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