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Biloxi blues

There are times in every frogs life, when they are forced to re-evaluate the perspectives that have gotten them to the place where they are at that time.  Mimes know this because they are more efficient at expression, which is an essence of communication.  The ability to communicate is one of the most important skills that any creature can have.

There is really no reason to connect habitually using anything other then a traditional handshake, such as is displayed on the cover of the nineteen seventies rock sensation, argyle infatuation album "Wish you were here", which was said to be capable of bringing tears to the eyes of a grown man with a single listen.

Ancient rivulets of cascading sound, echoing off the cave walls, as they discovered that they could communicate with each other at a higher level.  That they were masters of knowledge transmission etc., and the most insane part of it is that it happens in every single person's between the ages of 2 and 4, depending on how much trust they are allowed to develop in the world at large.  Is it a place where someone will hit you in the head, with a switch, every time you step out of line, or is it a place where your father laughs and shares jokes with you.

Is the world a home for all the humans on the world, which includes them, or is it a place where they could be slaughtered at any moment, at the whim of someone who doesn't even know who they are.  Is the world a safe place?  Were you allowed to grow up (between the ages of 0-5 with a general sense of safety and protection?  Would you deny that kind of a childhood to anyone on purpose?

I guess the question is, what was your childhood like, and what do you wish and work toward for other people's childhoods?  What is your reliance on other people's families?  What is your estimation of the families other then your own and of your own family?

Generate enough food to provide nutrition for every single human on the planet 

The world as we know it will all explode at some time in the future, and all the people that have ever existed will eventually fall into that all-inclusive category of people known as "Dead".  What will our lives be like?  Will we grow up and die with a sense of prosperity and good health?  Will we use our resources so wisely that everyone will be able to share in the prosperity that is "OURS"?

Green algae produce at a specific density per acre, depending on the infrastructure that is utilized, at some "cost per acre", to produce a product that has many benefits for the planet, the environment and for the populations of creatures living on and within it.  Intelligent production of this product is capable of actually removing sodium from water, which is an expensive process necessary to grow crops in many parts of the world.

How to cure all diseases

Skill, knowledge and ability in this field has the potential to save millions of lives.  Removing sodium ions from irrigation water generates money and saves lives.  Producing and enabling the production of useful bio-mass while drawing CO2 out of the atmosphere by the ton in the most efficient and safest manner possible generates money and improves the quality of our environment while making it possible to live a healthy life in places where before there was no possibility of human life, just sand.

So that now, countries which before barely survived, first generated more exported food per capita then all the other countries, and then developed the technology to feed every single person on the planet.  It's just fascinating to see and understand.  How could anyone question it?

If you have any kinds of health problems at all, and you would prefer to be cured of them, follow this recipe and most of the "afflictions" that are common today will be incapable of affecting you.  Cancer, diabetes and arthritis will all gradually release their grip on you and on those who follow this recipe.  It is possible, that for some, the process (if done incorrectly), will kill them.  This is a fact and not some randomly developed assertion, made by person attempting to waste other people's attention or other meaningful resources.

Cleaning is a necessity.  Cleanliness is a requirement for sustained life.  Even a small box, with sanitation and cleanliness is better then the largest manion without it.

The three rules of intelligent robotics

Interaction with other humans is a part of being a human being.  Learning to interact with people is who you are.  If you believe that the people who you are interacting with are treating you incorrectly, then find a different group of people who you feel comfortable around and hang out with them instead.  If you feel as if you are suffering injustice, then you probably are and you are the most likely candidate to figure out what you can do to improve your situation.

  • 15,120 people per ton
  • 69 tons (useful output) per acre
  • about one million people per acre per year (per one day per person)
  • 274,000 people for an entire year per acre for an entire year
  • 53,284,671 US acres arable land to provide all necessary nutrition for every single person alive.
  • 1.2e*10^13 total arable acres in the world
So that, without improving existing farmland (which would naturally happen when it is farmed intelligently), we have enough agricultural capacity to feed every single person on the planet 225 times over.  It wouldn't be yummy and delicious, but it would provide every single nutrient necessary and would eliminate all those diseases.  Eliminated similarly to scarlet fever.

The recipe is in development, but it consists mainly of eating food which is cheap and plentiful and which improves the quality of the earth as it is produced, so that every bite is cleaning and healing our planet at the same time as it provides healthy, delicious sustenance for yours (and our) bodies.

There is no formula for every single person.  Everyone is different.  This recipe consists of suggestions made intentfully with a deep-rooted purpose.

  • Moringa leaf powder - Eat three tablespoons (cooked) with every meal. 
  • Go poop every day - Eat enough fruits and vegetables to go poop every single day.  If you don't go poop, drink more water, eat more fruit and if necessary, squirt saline water up your butt.
  • Eat more plants - More plants, less other stuff.
  • Find your health in plants - Most afflictions can be cured easily and safely with plants.  Research plants and plant related cures to build your understanding of the nature of humans and our health.
  • Be pro-active - Active people live longer, healthier lives.  Think and active pro-actively to get ahead of the problems and fix them before they exist.  
  • Tocopherols - Natural Vitamin E and it's relatives are health and life to you.  Get them every day, either by rubbing them on your skin or consuming them.  Your body is incapable of storing them efficiently, so you need to provide them to yourself on a regular basis.  Plant based sources are the best.  If there is someone that you care about, give them some tocopherols if you want them to live a longer/healthier life.
  • Care about others - The more you care about your people, the better you will get at caring for them.  The better you get at caring for people, the more capable you are at caring for yourself.

specific products:

  • palm fruit oil
  • rice bran oil
  • rice bran
  • banana
  • jiaogulan
  • moringa oleifera leaf powder
  • sea buckthorn
  • vegan livestock (ie. cattle fed a plant-based diet)
  • algae products (bio-degradable plastic)
  • raw ginger
  • raw garlic
  • blenders like Vitamix (Lifetime guarantee)
  • food grade diatomaceous earth
  • H2O2 - food grade
  • oxygen
  • soft wooden products 
  • biomass energy production
  • biologically enhanced biochar
  • environmental agricultural lactic acid bacteria (EALAB)

Time travellers creed

  • Each moment is a gift
  • All resources are ours
  • Our future is forward
  • All are created equal
  • accomplishment==decision

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